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1 / 8 / 2018

The Way to the L20 Summit

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4-5 September, 2018

The L20 Labour Group, which represents the interests of workers at the G20, will hold its Summit on September 4-5, 2018, in the City of Mendoza, Argentina.
The L20 Summit will involve the participation of the International Trade Union Movement, representatives from the ITUC and the TUAC, as well as other leaders of the Argentine trade union movement and prominent public figures.

The L20 has consistently pointed out, in every G20-Argentina discussion and work space, that we have to find solutions to fight poverty, unemployment, especially youth unemployment, modern slavery and child labor. The goal must always be inclusion through rights, with social conquests fully in force.

The L20 priorities for this year are: sustainable growth, digital economy, trading and investment, climate sustainability and work and education with a focus on gender equality, youth and the future of work. We have to rebuild the social contract together. We must build on innovation and education as transcending tools. Education is the key to warrant social justice.

The opportunities to generate sustainable economies, together with social protection, safe jobs and decent salaries exist but we need the G20 leaders to take urgent and coordinated measures.
The universalization of social justice must transcend political times and requires everyone's commitment.

Gerardo Martinez
Chair L20-Argentina