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13 / 6 / 2018

Second meeting of the employment working group of G20

  • Foto noticia UOCRA - Second meeting of the employment working group of G20

The meeting was held at the headquarters of the International Labour Organization in Geneva

The second meeting was held at ILO’s headquarters. Issues related to labour priorities for the G20 Summit in Argentina were addressed. 

In line with those premises, the L20 team from Argentina led by Gerardo Martínez and ITUC addressed some of the main issues of the agenda: Gender Equality, Skills and Competences and Skills that are emphasizing the necessity of the articulation with the Education Working Group which was held at another Room. 

As regards genre, the participants of the L20 Argentina together with ITUC highlighted the necessity of reducing the gap in index of labour participation amongst men and women to 25% for 2025 (25x25) as it was agreed upon by leaders of the G20 in 2014. 

In this sense, they stressed the need that every member country of the G20 implements effective measures and control the results in genre equity. 

Finally, they ratified the benefits in equal participation of women in the world of work on the level of men: there would be an increase of 26% of the world GDP for the year 2025.

Likewise, they talked about the importance of collective negotiation to address the challenges of the future of work with gender equality. 

In the other two panels called Skill-Habilidades and Skill Habilidades which are Coming, the necessity for training workers for the future of work in different ways and the importance of the relationship Education/Work as a main tool to face the challenges posed by the work from the future was discussed. 

Also, public and cooperative policies that provide help to those social groups which are most in need of inclusion and social protection, investment, education and permanent training that reconverts and enhances their skills and simplifies employability with equity and rights were identified as a priority.  

This Working Group with the participation of the L20 and B20 debated in contact and in thematic line with the Working Group of Education because among the strategic definitions of the L20 is the joint work with this engagement group. 

The activities carried out in Genova include the joint Meeting of the two Groups of Education and Work which will be held at ILO with the presence of the L20 and B20.